Your Furniture is Retail Evolution Pty Ltd’s master furniture database and retail management platform.

I will need to give you a user login to look under the bonnet but just ask me and I will forward you one to have a look around.

Your Furniture is where we store the data of over 60 major furniture suppliers with product data of over 5000 furniture products and over 25,000 photoshopped images.

Imagine instead of a cupboard full of ring binders all the information is available on your computer, your iPad and even your phone.

Are you to busy doing what you do? Leave it to me I will create a website with virtually no input from you.

Let the fullscreen, full high definition versions of you product images help generate sales?

We implement a strategy of multiple product page templates to enable a choice of different layouts.

The product pages are beautiful and simple. Any preference in page layout can easily be incorporated.

This is an example of how dozens of Bedroom Suites can be viewed on one page.

Once you click on a Bedroom Suite the product page displays the bedroom suite in a full screen full high definition image.

A Mattress Category can be boring because all mattress images look the same. This is what we did to make it interesting.

The Mattress Product page needs to function differently to every other product page. Here is one example of what can be done.

The seperate internal website portal that keeps track of all of your suppliers, their products, product images and variations as well as the latest pricing right at your staff’s finger tips?

The supplier product ranges on the retail platform are easy to navigate to.

Once you choose the supplier range every one of their products are listed and easy to edit and update.

Every product is listed and you can easily edit the product and then publish it on the website.

Every product comes with a form where it is easy to edit every aspect of what is displayed on the website without any need to know code.

Once we have built your database there are many things we can use it for, like running competitions.

For example the database can compile the competition entries on the same day entries are submitted.

We can also build numerous modules to bolt on to the database such as a product ticketing system using live pricing.