What will our customers and clients encounter when they first log-in?

Once your clients or customers login they will discover an attractive and appealing full screen, full high definition, fully responsive front-end web design that is compatible with all micro-devices. The homepage design is the gateway from which they can navigate to a wide range of online resources. Our team of designers and developers with years of business experience focus on creating modern design that compliments how your customer’s think. It is intuitive and will capture their interest in exploring further into what you can do for them and the information they require.

How easy is it to find the information you are looking for?

In modern web design the ease of navigation is crucial to retaining interest in your online platform. We put a lot of emphasis and lateral thinking strategy into focusing on the user experience and ease as navigation. Depending on the extent of the information needing to be conveyed the menu structure can be either simple or incorporate a multitude of intuitive strategies to quickly get customers to the information they are seeking.

Those tiny text links are really annoying, is there a better way?

I like to use a system of multiple menus to enable ease of navigation. Most companies have a range of different types of information they need to communicate. These may be corporate information, marketing and promotional resources, multiple product ranges containing hundreds of products. Our intuitive menu structure makes navigating simple.

What is the best way to display our products?

It is important you display your products as large as possible and in high resolution. Early web design and ecommerce platforms don’t do your products justice. On the Retail Evolution Platform every single one of your products will be displayed in full-screen and in high resolution.

Is there a way that all of our pricing information be online and up-to-date?

You will no longer need to send out your updated pricing in paper form. The Retail Evolution platform enables you to display online the latest up-to-date pricing for every product you sell in a multitude of variations of both wholesale and retail pricing. Not only will your clients be able to see the latest wholesale prices but their staff  will be able to quote to customers on the showroom floor the latest retail prices.

Just how clever will our new retail platform be?

How we differ from other web developers is that we start by taking your existing pricing spreadsheets, databases and all the information you would normally store in a filing cabinet and we put it online. Our database experts, with years of retail experience, customise your data and create a clever database spreadsheet that talks live with your online retail platform. Virtually anything you would like to be stored online or displayed on your retail platform can be incorporated into your database.

Do we need to have any special skills to manage the information on our online retail platform?

NO! In addition to building a user-friendly front-end website we simultaneously build for you a online Administration Portal that allows you to access and manage all of your data and information. Completely seperate and secure only your staff can access the Administration Portal. Every aspect of your business can be managed through categories on your Administration Portal such as your suppliers, ranges, products, clients, customers, whatever you can imagine.

How do we update our product pricing and information?

To make your life easy so you can keep your pricing and information up-to-date we customise for you a number of platform administration tools. Every aspect of keeping your retail platform and website up-to-date is as simple as filling out fields on a form. Make the changes you need to make in the interactive form and once saved it automatically updates the database and your information on the website. Every thing is live and interactive and easy for your staff to maintain.

What information can we update in our database and on our retail platform?

Just like with your database and Excel spreadsheet your administration form will be customised to specifically suit your needs. No longer will you need to live with the restrictions and parameters of an off-the-shelf solution. Whatever information you feel you will need to update you will be able to update it yourself via your Administration Portal.

How do we upload product images to our website?

We make it easy for you to upload images and manage different shape product images on your website. When you upload an image it creates a online url address for your image. By pasteing the image url into the Administration form you can control how your images display and whether they display in a product slider. You can even have the ability to choose from a number of template pages how your products are presented on your website.

What information can we update in our database and on our retail platform?

Your retail platform can do a lot more than just manage your website. If you often say “I wish I had a way of doing this online?”, then we can customise a solution for you. We have already built a “Ticketing” solution to allow our customers to utilise the information in their database to produce updated product tickets for products in their showrooms, in a fraction of the time it would have taken them previously.

What about displaying other product variations and attributes?

If your products come in a variety of different variations we can customise for you a simple way of displaying this information. Maybe your products come in a variety of colours or fabrics. All this information can be updated in your Administration portal and easily accessed on your retail platform. Whatever the challenge we can customise a solution for you.

Can we utilise our Retail Platform to store and manage information for ourselves?

Absolutely! Instead of storing every thing in a filing cabinet or sending out piles of information in catalogues or in paper form. Whether it be artwork for promotional items, stock-lists, product availability and delivery schedules, whatever it is it can be hosted and stored within your database and hence available online.

Can we add new Suppliers, Ranges, Products or other information to our retail platform?

Yes! Our database and administration forms allow you to simply add suppliers information, their product ranges and their product information. You will then have the ability to maintain this information quickly and easily via our administration form.

How does the administration portal update our website?

Whether you need to display Suppliers, Categories, Ranges, Models, Products, Specials, Sale Items it can be done by virtually the simple tic of a box. We will build a customised navigation tree that displays your company at it’s best. Tell us what you want or what your problem is and we will devise the perfect solution.

Can our website display our products as beautiful as this?

If you are considering contacting us then you have come to the realisation that your website is looking boring and dated and that you need to modernise. Let us explain to you what we can do for you. As well as getting a new beautiful website we will build for you a whole new set of internal retail solution in the form of a digital filing cabinet.

How much will it get to get a beautiful website like this?

I can work to your budget. For a figure of approximately $6000 I can produce an excellent wordpress e-commerce website for your company. But if you are at a stage where you are thinking you may need to employ a full-time Digital Producer to manage the implementation of a new database driven ecommerce website. Please let me educate you on the benefits of a much more sophisticated solution.